VoIP Simultaneous Ringing

With VoIP simultaneous ringing, you can create a list of phones that you would like to ring if someone dials your phone number.

In addition to choosing which phones will ring, you can also choose how many times they will ring before your voice mail picks up. VoIP simultaneous ringing is a great feature that many people enjoy.

Many VoIP service providers allow you to simultaneously ring up to ten unique numbers. The numbers that you put on the ring-to list can be associated with any type of phone. With this service you will never miss another call.

It is easy to see why VoIP simultaneous ringing is good for business purposes, but some might fail to see how great it is for residential applications. Lets say that you have children that play high school sports and they have practice, but you are not sure what time the practice ends. With VoIP simultaneous ringing, you will not have to wait at home near the phone. You will be able to run to the supermarket and get some odds and ends without missing the phone call from your child when practice is over.